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Motivational active learning: An integrated approach to teaching and learning process control

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Manuel Rodríguez, Ismael Díaz, and Emilio J. González, María González-Miquel (2018). "Motivational active learning: An integrated approach to teaching and learning process control". Education for Chemical Engineers 24, pp 7-12. ISSN 1749-7728
Proyecto "Aprendizaje activo de control de procesos" IE1617.0503, E.T.S. DE INGENIEROS INDUSTRIALES

Process Control is a course that needs a thorough understanding of how the different unit operations work and what are the implications of changing operation variables in a process. This paper presents how education innovation can help students to improve their learning and understanding of the different concepts and thus to get better results in the subject and to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Process Control Course is taught in the Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. Different methodologies have been integrated and used in the course as: flipped classroom, peer instruction or gamification. In order to implement the mentioned methods, the following material has been developed: screencasts, concept tests, trivia contest and simulations besides the traditional lecturing material (slides and text). First year results show high student motivation, higher participation in class and better results (marks) in the subject.

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Fig. 5. Implementation of active learning for process control

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