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Austria, 16-18 de junio de 2024
Fin participación: 15 de marzo de 2024

How do we promote fairness in digital learning futures? In the age of AI, it has become evident that technology is not impartial. We must delve deep into the ethical implications of AI in education to ensure that the digital systems we implement are fair and just. How can we safeguard human decisions against AI systems that perpetuate existing inequalities or inadvertently create new disparities? How can we explore and refine strategies and practices to promote fairness and equity in AI-enhanced learning environments. 

What is required to help foster nestedness and integration in the complex digital learning ecosystem? Our educational institutions are richly diverse, historically grounded, and technologically distinct. As we embrace AI in education, we must address the intricacies of “rewilding” our educational landscapes with cutting-edge digital learning and teaching approaches. At the same time, we need to foster meaningful connectivity and collaboration among institutions that may operate uniquely. (How) can we adapt AI solutions to accommodate the nuanced differences and interdependencies and ensure interoperability of our educational systems, all while working toward common goals?

What does learner-centered pedagogy look like in reimagining the digital classroom of the future?  In an era where AI is transforming the educational landscape, the notion of learner-centric care takes on new dimensions. Artificial Intelligence may offer unprecedented opportunities to support individual learners. However, how can we ensure this support does not take away learner agency and be counterproductive to authentic learning experiences? Can AI-driven personalization still foster collaboration, engagement, and promote meaningful learning experiences? Join us to delve into AI’s potential and challenges and talk about our care for each learner and their individual educational journeys. Let’s explore the yet-uncharted territory of AI-driven learner-centric care in the digital age.

What digital transformations are needed for learning and teaching in the future? Keeping pace with evolving educational needs and technological advancements means designing best practices for blended, hybrid and online learning, transforming assessment in the encounter of AI practices as well as realizing the potential of open educational practices. These are just some of the challenges and potential transformations ahead as well as policy, strategy and leadership needed for the next normal.

In the spirit of the EDEN community, we welcome all contributions that connect to the proposed themes and relevant topics to do with digital learning.

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