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USA, 18-23 de octubre de 2023
Fin participación: 13 de febrero de 2023

The Frontiers in Education conference (FIE) is a well-respected international conference on engineering and computer science education. The IEEE Education Society founded the conference in 1971. The American Society for Engineering Education joined as a co-sponsor in 1973. For more than two decades, these two sponsoring societies held the conference in various locations around the United States and, occasionally, in international venues. In 1995, the IEEE Computer Society became a sponsor and together these three groups have continued to plan high quality events that provide engineering and computer science educators the opportunity to network and showcase peer-reviewed scholarly contributions in educational research and classroom practice. In 2013, the FIE Steering Committee formed formal policy that places FIE within the continental United States with the possibility of an international location at five year intervals.

The educational research and the educational practice literature generated by FIE is regularly cited in scholarly work and helped to inspire a well-regarded textbook in engineering education written by John Heywood and published by Wiley-IEEE Press (ISBN: 978-0-471-74111-4).

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