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ECSLHE2022 - 5th European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education

Tema: Aprendizaje servicio y ODS 

Fin presentación de resúmenes: 15 de julio 2022 

 6-7 octubre 2022, online

Focusing on the contemporary challenges of university-community engagement and partnerships, the 5th European Conference on Service-Learning offers space and time for critical reflection on community engagement, the need for embedding Service-Learning in the curriculum, and the value of practical experiences in Service-Learning for students, teachers, and community partners. The conference is planned as a source of exchange of knowledge from the field of practice and research of Service-Learning and building networks in this field. #ECSLHE2022 

We invite contributors to present their theoretical considerations, empirical research, or practical experiences for discussion and sharing of their progress in (and also beyond) the conference theme:

Service-learning and the SDGs

  • The triple value of Service-Learning; how can value be created for community, Higher Education Institutes and students?
  • Theoretical considerations about Service-Learning and e-Service-Learning; does going virtual fundamentally change service-learning?
  • Empirical research & practical experiences;
  • Implementing university-community partnerships; what are the barriers and enablers for university-community partnerships?
  • Embedding Service-Learning courses in the curriculum;
  • Designing (E-) Service-Learning courses.

Papers submitted for review must clearly state:

  • The purpose of the study
  • How and to what extent it advances the state-of-the-art of knowledge or practice
  • The methodology, if applicable
  • The intended specific results and their impact

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