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Dresden, 22-24 de septiembre de 2021
in participación: 26 de marzo de 2021

Today, electronic games are more than just pastimes – they are platforms through which we experience virtual situations, try out strategies, and develop respectively simulate new ideas. Game-Based Learning is set to grow rapidly in the near future. Its wide range of engineering applications includes automotive, aerospace and systems engineering, medicine, banking, and management. In this context, games are successful educational approaches, mainly when they are built on one of today's well-established didactic frameworks aiming at strengthening self-regulated personalized learning.

This Special Sessions (GinEE) within the ICL 2020 Conference, 23-25 September 2020, Tallinn, Estonia, aims to cover all aspects of gamification including game-based learning, applications of didactic framework, games engineering, serious games, storytelling, user studies, development of non-technical skills / meta-cognitive skills, simulation, learning scenarios based on virtual worlds, project-based learning – capstone projects, game-based learning arrangements, tools and applications for developing games in engineering education, experience reports, teaching cases, methodologies, personalization approaches as well as any work in progress. Our main goal is to bring together stakeholders for exchanging ideas and experiences and encouraging networking between academia and industry.

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