The American Journal of Distance Education (AJDE) is internationally recognized as the journal of record of research and scholarship in the field of American distance education. Established in 1987 with the mission of promoting research and disseminating information about distance education in the Americas, AJDE explores topics about all teaching-learning relationships where the actors are geographically separated, and communication takes place through technologies. Past volumes (available online) report on education through radio and television, teleconferences and recordings, printed study guides, and multimedia systems. The principal technology of contemporary distance education is the Internet, and thus most articles now report on online learning. 

With distance education having moved from the margins to the mainstream at all levels of education and training, and increasing numbers of individuals and institutions becoming involved, The American Journal of Distance Education provides a unique depository of previous research as well as the most recent research-based knowledge about all aspects of the pedagogy of the field. 

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