Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganés, Madrid, Spain, 24 May 2017. Hasta el 20 de marzo se puede participar.

In a previous work, we made an effort to organize BL practices based on MOOCs in a framework called H-MOOC [3]. This framework describes BL (or Hybrid) initiatives in which existing MOOCs are reused to complement or extend traditional curricular practices. The framework classifies the initiatives as a continuum of two factors: (1) institutional support to reuse an existing MOOC, and (2) curricular content alignment between the MOOC and the program, or the course hybridized. The H-MOOC framework is a first effort towards providing a systematic analysis of what type of BL experiences have been developed, as well as a first step towards supporting their design [4]. However, the number of experiences of these type are still scarce, and more examples are needed in order to provide practitioners with guidelines and tools to support their design. Moreover, the hybridization of educational practices offers a new learning design space that still remains unexplored and where the H-MOOCs can play an important role in guiding practitioners in their way to become learning designers.

The goal of this workshop is to create a space and an outlet to share and present experiences in BL with MOOC experiences. The workshop will also allow attendees to reflect on these experiences, find common interests and explore future possibilities – through a group working session. In addition, we will provide a practical guideline based on the H-Framework for the attendees to discuss how it could be useful to organize, classify and describe their BL practices.

In summary, we aim for the workshop to be an attempt to document many of the Blended Learning experiences with MOOCs, and to start the process of studying them systematically. This workshop is part of the EMOOCs 2017 conference. You can see the schedule here.

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